Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Jackie French: The Magic Of Groves

Actually, her whole site looks pretty good!

I don't know that I want complete self-sufficiency, but as much fruit as we can eat and farm out to the family, along with a variety of tasty vegetables sounds exactly like my sort of thing.


Lunar Calendar for Gardeners

Traditional Moon Planting

I need to start remembering what to plant when. And keeping track of the phases of the moon. Might also help with my own personal emotional/physical cycles.


Settlement is in just over a week. I suspect that the day we get the keys I will go over and just sit on the stairs. Or inside. Or on the lawn. Just to get a feel for the place and the neighbourhood and the house and the yard.

...I wonder if the real estate agent will take the sign away, or if B1 and I will have to wrestle it out?

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