Sunday, September 7, 2014

starting from scratch (but, alas, not chicken-scratch)

We've had the new house for a week. I've been around nearly daily when time/schedule permits, partly to get a feel for the house, partly to air it out.

Internal renovations start today and are estimated to take at least three weeks, probably closer to a month, given delays, etc. That's okay - we're planning to move from the old house to the new on the second weekend in October, and getting as much of it done beforehand is a good start.

Two things to line up: painters, and the people to do the floors.

I'm thinking I need to start on the garden ASAP, because I've already pretty much lost spring.

I did plant two cucumbers, four asparagus, and fifteen tomatoes on the weekend - in seedling pots at the current house, but not in seedling-mix. Speaking of which, I need to get some medium river sand to mix with the vermicast.

Considering chickens: I'd still like to do chickens, but at this point the major concern is working out how to integrate them into the garden. In the meantime, I was thinking I'd do a no-dig composting garden to start with - assuming I can find the ingredients around the place: animal manure, fresh grass clippings, pea straw or lucerne.

The grass clippings are easy enough; pea straw or lucerne is harder to source in the city, apart from buying it from Monstrous Hardware Store That Shall Not Be Named. However, we are about 20mins away from a right-on-the-edge-of-urbania farming area, which might have some places that sell the ingredients for no-dig composting gardens a little more cheaply? IDK.

Something to consider is also that I'll be doing this solo. My sister isn't interested in gardening (just what comes out of it) and has physical issues. And I can't imagine any of my friends giving up their crossfit sessions for gardening. (Crossfit is cool and trendy; gardening is hard work and grubby.)

To locate/source:
- river sand (medium)
- animal manures
- fresh grass clippings
- lucerne/straw bales

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