Sunday, August 10, 2014

it's garden season!

I'm making lists right now, of things I want in the garden.

Starting with a 'hedge' of avocados, almonds, cumquats, and lilly pillies by the fence. Quandongs up the jacaranda, and apples and apricots and plums along the path. Corn along the north side of the house. Passionfruit under the front window and along the porch, raspberries and blackberries either side of the lattice, and I think I'll put up a trellis between the back verandah and the carport and try growing grapes.

I want to try out a small chook-and-vegie garden in the south-east corner of the property. And by 'small' I mean 'not more than 1.5m diameter chook dome' sized, and possibly not even 6 dome stations - possibly only five, or even four. The perennial/compost beds will be larger, and at least one of the fruit trees might struggle for sunlight, but it should present a good exercise in determining how to work the chooks in the garden on a small scale.

This is going to have to be done in stages, I think: the fence hedge and the fruit trees to begin with - spaced far enough apart that it's not an issue to mow between them, or fit a chook tractor. Get the chooks for the small garden and learn how they work, then plant through the late spring and summer and autumn and winter...

There'll be a learning curve; what plants work, what plants don't, where the sunshine is and how well the various vegies do without it; how to look after chickens, and whether I can stand having them under my window when they're not in rotation...

We're getting some changes made to the house - dependent on how much it all costs - but those should be done before we move in. And's GARDEN SEASON!

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