Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All The Trees Are Brown...

So, gardening. Mum called this morning at 8:30am to say she'd be coming around with her garden helper to help put in some fruit trees.

We got the avocado (grown from seed) and the two apples (my birthday present this year) in the ground, and moved the apricot over. We also discovered a large chunk of cement in the front garden - too large to lever up. So we just planted the apricot a little beyond it.

The avocado - planted out just in time. It's been getting entirely too big for its boots, and had just started leaning to the side in the teeny tiny pot that it's been growing in the last, oh, five, six years...

Two apples up against the fence - I'm going to espalier them, probably in a fan shape - and the apricot in the front, looking like an umbrella blown out the wrong way...

The big sprouty thing to the left of the pic is an eggplant. I've done really well with eggplants this year (compared to previous years).

The apples a little closer up:

I also put in some sweet potato (we'll see how that goes, but I had the length of vine), and started clearing space in prep for the attempt at autumn-winter corn.

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