Thursday, April 6, 2017

I just spent three hours in the garden.

I was not expecting time to pass quite that quickly.

On the plus side, I got the seedlings transplanted and covered up for the first day in the sun (so they don't transpire so much), moved the smaller seedlings to larger seedling pots or planter trays, and prepped the seed trays for seeds.

I want more bok choy and asian greens, cabbage and cauliflower, and, oh, it's time to plant peas (sugarsnap and snow) for the end of winter, isn't it?

Interesting. This planting guide for Sydney says to plant sweet corn in April! Full sun, of course...

I wonder if I should try planting it in the front bed where the fruit trees are. There's probably space. Hm. It would need extra nutrients and mulching, but I've got a decent amount of worm castings and quite a bit of compost... Might give it a try. Depends on whether we have a cold or a mild winter. Last year was cold. Year before was mild. At the worst, it won't grow or it'll grow stunted.

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