Wednesday, October 21, 2015

fruit trees, watering systems, heatwaves, and flies

Alas, for I have lost much of my hoped-for fruit crop to the couple of days of heatwave we just had, wherein I didn't have a watering system set up for the backyard trees.


All my apples but one have dropped off. The plums are holding on, but the apricots fell off in the last two days, and the donut peaches have withered on both the tree and the multi-stone. The nectarines in both the front and the back are looking like they've become fruit-fly heaven, and I'm not sure about the regular peaches.

Also, I'm not entirely sure I trust the local people not to just wander up and help themselves to my garden since our driveway is pretty open. And the other day I saw a guy and his partner and their dog pointing at my trees through a gap in the bushes that line the walking trail, they didn't realise I was the house owner until I backed up into the driveway. So, wonderful. Thieves on top of everything else.

On the plus side, I've invited the parentals around for dinner on Saturday night. I want the menu to be roast pork with crackling, but my stepfather is apparently putting on weight and would like to eat healthier. So...maybe just a small roast? But there will be new potatoes, swiss chard, kale chips, and possibly broccoli leaves as a vegetable accompaniment.

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