Thursday, November 13, 2014

So, Bed 2 is composting nicely - steam rising from the 'vents', hot to the touch, the initial scent of nitrogen is giving way (I suspect I have too much nitrogen in my heaps - they smell very distinctly for the first day or two, then settle down.)

Quite contrary: Bed 2

This one is going to be turned onto another space to keep composting (on Monday) and will be planted out - hopefully with the seedlings that will have sprouted by then. *glares at her seedlings* SPROUT DAMN YOU!

The pumpkins have germinated, so they can go on the sides. I hope the watermelons germinate. The cucumber has decided to come up in Bed 1 (eventually), and the tomatoes in the Salad Box are starting to sprout.

Quite contrary: Bed 2

And I think I have a potato growing in one of my fruit tree pots.

Speaking of which, I need to get the avocadoes into bigger pots. And then out in the garden. And decide where the watering system is going to go and how to arrange it.


Including this small detail about aerobic compost heaps:
1. they get really hot.
2. as in really, really hot.

I put down some seedling boxes on the compost heap to take advantage of the heat...and they warped. Hopefully not releasing toxic chemical gases that inhibit the germination of...oh crap. :(


Anyway, I've started to mark out where the next garden beds will be. Fairly crudely, but enough to get the idea of what and where and how.

Quite contrary: Bed 2

There is a small issue of the paths, however. They're still grass at this point, and I rather like walking on the grass. Long-term, however, the grass is going to try climbing up my garden beds, which I really don't want.

Quite contrary: Bed 2

Finally, I need to get my vermicast production up. Which means locating a cheap and old blender for whizzing up worm food so the worms can easily consume it. I think my chunks of food are not working so well for them right now. And we might have to supplement from the local grocery store.

I wonder if there's an organic grocer at the local shopping centre...

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