Monday, November 24, 2014

composts and seeds

Compost #2 was cooling, so I turned it, raking about half of it out to help make Compost #3, which also added the leaf/lawn mulch from Thursdays mowing. I left Compost #2 on the same site because I didn't really have anything with which to plant it out, and I wanted the layers to break up a bit better.

Both Compost #2 and Compost #3 are warm, tending to hot inside. Compost #2 is really hot, while Compost #3 is just warm on the outside (but hot in the middle).

Quilting catch up!

I'm a bit worried by the way Compost #2 and #3 are releasing nitrogen, though - the compost heaps have a distinct smell. I'm tempted to rake out half of compost #2 and turn it into compost #4, adding carbon matter to both #2 and #4, but it's a bit late in the day to do that now and I'm working tomorrow.

Maybe we'll see what comes of Compost #2 and the 2nd turning - supposed to be more hummus-like by the 2nd turning. Hopefully my seeds will have sprouted and there will be things to plant by then! (Looking at the weekend, since I'm going away the week after. Argh. Must get sister to keep an eye on the garden...)

Seeds are not germinating. Well, some are, others are not. The tomatoes visible in the pic all sprouted in the fruit pots and were transplanted out when they were big enough.

I don't seem to have much luck with capsicum and eggplant in particular, and the rarer tomatoes (that don't grow from the self-seeding cherry tomatoes) also don't take too well. A couple of pumpkins seeds sprouted, only to die in the heatwave on Friday. I think the zucchinis are giving it a go - one of them popped leaves today. I hope so. Zucchiiiiniiiissss...

Acquired some black cherry tomato seedlings. Need to plant them out. Should have done it this PM, except it was raining. At this rate, they won't get planted out until Wednesday evening. :(

I keep a more detailed paper diary - easier to just make notes there. This is more of a public infodump.

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