Sunday, September 10, 2017

spring is in

I've rented some chickens for the spring. I plan to move them around the garden in a moveable chicken coop, but I guess we'll see how that goes. I know what I want for them to do, but actually getting them to do it may very well be another matter (honestly, it's largely fertiliser and fruit fly management).

None of the plants that I bought have yet been transplanted. Largely because I asked the lawn guys if they'd dig the holes on the outside of the fence, and they were worried about the council (which is decidedly punitive about things that they don't like which, peculiarly, includes not chopping down annoying trees, but not allowing people to plant trees that might otherwise flourish. *sigh*

Anyway, the lilly pillies died when I failed to water them during a hot spell after a long dry spell, and are not responding to my seaweed brew therapy. I think they're probably dead. As the grapevines I transplanted may be. (Dammit.)

The back fence has not yet been dug out (those damned rocks that the previous owner put in to deter weeds), and with hockey ramping up to the finals series, I haven't dared to wreck myself by going out and doing the work of a chilly winter evening. I think I need someone to help me with the garden - who doesn't cost the earth, and who doesn't mind a day or so of 'bit' work.

- passionfruit fence
- front hedge trees
- avocado

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