Monday, March 23, 2015

changing seasons

And Bed #1 is being completely replanted.

Sunday late march

Pulling out the remainder of Bed #1 reminds me of how far I've come and how much I've yet to learn.

The carrots would have done well if the soil had been decent and uniform beneath the surface. It wasn't. They forked and twisted and made little bulbs with no taper. So, yeah, next time, good friable soil.

Sunday late march

The 50 Shades Of Grape Tomato went a little cray-cray and tried to take over the garden. Next time, it gets grown up trellises and across vine things maybe? Like this?

Also, the slow compost of the bed means it's somewhat smaller than it was when I first made it and planted it out with corn...

Sunday late march

So taking some of that compost heap that's been burning the grass for the last couple of weeks and building up the bed:

Sunday late march

The other beds along the north fence are getting a redo, too:

The bed below (#4 roots -> legumes) was potatoes but has gone to peas and beans.

Garden February 2015

The bed below("asparagus" legumes/mulch -> fruit) was green mulch, and is settling the 'late fruits' - capsicum, zucchini, pumpkin, eggplant, and some kailan that's doing pretty well (and some that's not doing so well).

Sunday late march

We'll see how it goes in the cooling weather.

And a final glimpse of the garden, cleaned up and sorted out:

Sunday late march

The garden guys are digging out the red rocks on Thursday, and I have 10 bags of horse manure arriving on Friday. Hopefully it'll come to about 2msq and will be good for burning all that drat onion weed and turning the woodchips into compost. A lot of work, but we'll see about the result.

And then we'll have a garden for the fruit trees. (Hopefully.)

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