Thursday, January 8, 2015

fruit trees and animal manures

Manures at Gumtree:

Loane Equestrian Centre: link
Cicada Glen Rd (corner of Walter Road), Ingleside
$1/bag, or free shovelled

Bulk chicken manure: link

Will need a load for composting the fruit garden space, and also for along the fence (bare root tree planting come winter: macadamia, pomegranate, lemon, almond, fig, mandarin, avocado)

Mix up the trees in the front garden (multicit, dual multistone, fuyu persimmon, cherry?)

Apple: need to find out the varieties and their chill hours.

Cherry: is going to need better chill hours (more than the apple) - will have to pick the absolutely coldest place in the garden. RESEARCH NOW.

Chill hours note:
300 chill hours = 2 weeks constant, or one month of cold nights
600 chill hours = 4 weeks constant, or two months of cold nights

Depending on the winter (mild or cold), we might get up to 600 chill hours in our area? So medium to low, certainly.

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