Monday, December 8, 2014

Fruit Trees and Chill Hours

I have quite a few fruit trees, some of which have been acquired over the last five years, some of which are coming to me as gifts, and a couple which I specifically bought for the new house

- lemon
- mandarin
- multi-citrus x 2
- multi-stone
- peach x 4
- avocados x 2
- multi-apple
- cherry
- persimmon
- multi-nashi

The avocados were bought for the new house. The cherry and persimmon and one of the peaches are a gift from my mother. The reason I have 3x peaches otherwise is because I bought 3 multi-stone trees and all the other grafts died.

It's the multi-nashi that's the big problem for me. I didn't read the instructions, and the plant requires high chill hours. Which means somewhere that isn't Sydney (temperate, tending to warm temperate). So I'm looking for someone to offload it to. (Currently on the list: a friend in Ballarat, Vic.) Maybe I should look at offloading at least one of the (formerly multi-stone) peaches, too? I think at least one of them still has two grafts - I'd keep that one - and one fruited this year (actually, I think that one was a nectarine, but the fruit didn't stick, so maybe...).

Mind you, I'm keeping the one with all four grafts intact!

And I'd still like an Apricot tree, straight up. But that's just me.

Also: I have decided the passionfruit can go across the side fence. I may need to nail/fasten/screw in the chicken wire for it to hang off.

Day Before Yesterday: making compost heap in driveway bed. Will be turned to new spot and planted out with a fruit tree.
Yesterday: making Compost#1 to burn off weeds and fill in the gap between Bed#2 and Bed#3. Will become Potato Heaven.
Today: turn Bed#4 north ver to burn off weeds to the north. Will become Asparagus City.

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